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Enoch Dames, Graduate Student



I am a fourth year PhD student studying combustion. I aid in the development of our latest and most robust chemical mechanism, JetSurF. In addition, I am working on the development of a single-ringed aromatics mechanism. Aside from that, unimolecular reaction rate theory is a skill I am continually developing.


Another project I enjoy involves studying molecular soot analogues using ab initio and semi-emprical methods. The goal of this project is to identify classes of aromatic compounds with stable radical counterparts.


I am also interested in improving my writing skills as a scientist and dispelling the reputation engineers have as horrible writers. The Science of Scientific Writing is a good but technical article that I refer to, but nothing beats Strunk and White’s The Elements of Style.


Recent Publications:


Taatjes, C. A.; Osborn, D. L.; Selby, T. M.; Meloni, G.; Trevitt, A. J.; Epifanovsky, E.; Krylov, A. I.; Sirjean, B.; Dames, E.; Wang, H., Products of the Benzene + O(3P) Reaction, The Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 2010, 114 (9) 3355-3370. link


Ji, C.; Dames, E.; Sirjean, B.; Wang, H.; Egolfopoulos, F.N. An Experimental and Modeling Study of the Propagation of Cyclohexane and Mono-alkylated Cyclohexane Flames, accepted to the 33rd International Symposium on Combustion


Dames, E.; Sirjean, B.; Wang, H. Weakly Bound Carbon-Carbon Bonds in Acenaphthene Derivatives and Hexaphenylethane, Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 2010, 114 (2) 1161-1168.  link


Ji, C.; Dames, E.; Wang, Y.L.; Wang, H.; Egolfopoulos, F.N. Propagation and extinction of premixed C5-C12 n-alkane flames, Combustion and Flame 2010, 157, 277-287.


Holley, A. T.; You, X. Q.; Dames, E.; Wang, H.; Egolfopoulos, F. N. Sensitivity of propagation and extinction of large hydrocarbon flames to fuel diffusion, Proceedings of the Combustion Institute 2009, 32, 1157.


My current CV can be found here.