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Professor Hai Wang











Heterogeneous Reaction Kinetics of Aerosols

In collaboration with Dr. Alexander Laskin of EMSL/PNNL, we examine the heterogeneous reaction kinetics of aerosols using a range of experimental and computational techniques.



Representative Publications


Laskin, A., Wang, H., Robertson, W. H., Cowin, J. P., Ezell, M. J., Finlayson-Pitts, B. J. “A new approach to determining gas-particle reaction probabilities and application to the heterogeneous reaction of deliquesced sodium chloride particles with gas-phase hydroxyl radicals,” Journal of Physical Chemistry A 110, 10619-10627 (2006).


Liu, Y., Cain, J. P., Wang, H., Laskin, A. “Kinetic study of heterogeneous reaction of deliquesced NaCl particles with gaseous HNO3 using particle-on-substrate stagnation flow reactor approach,” (Feature article) Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 111, pp. 10026-10043 (2007).


Liu, Y., Gibson, E. R., Cain, J. P., Wang, H., Grassian, V. H., Laskin, A. “Kinetics of heterogeneous reaction of CaCO3 particles with gaseous HNO3 over a wide range of humidity,” Journal of Physical Chemistry A, in press, 2008.


Liu, Y., Yang, Z., Dessyaterik, Y., Gassman, P. L., Wang, H., and Laskin, A. “Hygroscopic behavior of substrate deposited aerosols studied by micro-FTIR spectroscopy and complementary methods of particle analysis,” Analytical Chemistry, in press, 2008.