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JetSurF – A Jet Surrogate Fuel Model

Release date: September 8, 2009

USC Mech Version II: High-Temperature Combustion Reaction Model of H2/CO/C1-C4 Compounds*

Release date: May 2007

An Optimized Reaction Model of H2/CO Combustion

Publication: "An optimized kinetic model of H2/CO combustion, Davis, S. G., Joshi, A. V., Wang, H., and Egolfopoulos, F. Proceedings
of the Combustion Institute
,  30, pp.1283-1292 (2005).

Reaction Mechanism of 1,3-Butadiene Oxidation at High Temperatures

Publication: "Detailed kinetic modeling of 1,3-butadiene oxidation at high temperatures," Laskin, A., Wang, H., and Law, C. K. 
                International Journal of Chemical Kinetics, 32, pp. 589-614 (2000).

An Optimized Reaction Model of C1-C3 Combustion
Publication: "Combustion chemistry of propane: A case study of detailed reaction mechanism optimization," Qin, Z., Lissianski, V.V.,
                    Yang, H., Gardiner, W. C., Davis, S. G., and Wang, H. Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, 28, pp. 1663-1669 (2000).

Reaction Mechanism of C3 Fuel Combustion
Publication: "Propene pyrolysis and oxidation kinetics in flow reactor and in laminar premixed flames," Davis, S. G., Law, 
                  C. K. and Wang, H. Combustion and Flame 119, pp. 375-399 (1999).

A Comprehensive Reaction Model of Ethylene and Acetylene Combustion
Document: "A comprehensive kinetic model of ethylene and acetylene oxidation at high temperatures" Wang, H. and Laskin, A. 
                 Internal report, 1998.

PAH Formation and Growth in Laminar Premixed Ethylene and Acetylene Flames
Publication: "A detailed kinetic modeling study of aromatics formation, growth and oxidation in laminar premixed ethylene and
                   acetylene flames," Wang, H. and Frenklach, M. Combustion and Flame110, pp. 173-221 (1997).