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Combustion Kinetics Laboratory

Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering

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Recent Research Highlights

High-temperature chemical kinetics

We explore the reaction mechanisms of fuel combustion by quantum mechanical and RRKM calculations, combusting flow simulations, and model optimization.  Our objective is to develop a comprehensive and predictive reaction model for the combustion of hydrocarbon fuels. 


Click to view JetSurF, a work in progress reaction model for jet fuel surrogates.


Click to view USC Mech II, our high temperature reaction model for H2/CO/C1-C4 compounds.


Research sponsored by
                Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR)
                Department of Energy (DOE)
                National Science Foundation (NSF)


Soot formation



The yellowish luminous flame is the consequence of soot formation during the conversion of fuel to carbon dioxide.  Our work focuses on size-resolved and on-line characterization of soot particles (in collaboration with Professor Denis Phares) and detailed modeling of soot formation. 


Sample results and publications


Research sponsored by

                National Science Foundation (NSF)

                Strategic Environmental Research & Development Program (SERDP)


Nanoparticle synthesis and characterization

We study how nanocrystalline metal oxide thin films may be produced in combustion flames.  These particles are of interest to applications including gas sensing, nanocatalysis, photocatalysis, and solar cells.

Sample results and publications


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                Siemens Emerging Technology


Transport properties of nanoparticles

We are developing a fundamental theory of nanoparticle transport in dilute gases.  Topics of investigation include drag force, electric mobility, and diffusion coefficient.  Our aim is to obtain a unified theory of particle transport over the entire range of Knudsen number and particle material and shape.


Sample results and publications


Heterogeneous Chemical Kinetics

In collaboration with Dr. Alexander Laskin of EMSL/PNNL, we examine the heterogeneous reaction kinetics of aerosols using a range of experimental and computational techniques.


Sample results and publications


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                National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)



In collaboration with TDA and AFRL, we explore the mechanism and kinetics of hydrocarbon fuel ignition catalyzed by nano-structured catalyst.


Research sponsored partially by

                Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR)